These are some talks/presentations I've done:

Twitter Dynamics

Some months ago, Roberto Maestre and me gave a talk called "Twitter Dynamics". It was an introductory view of some techniques that can be applied to learn a bit more about how the information flows in a network like Twitter and to identify roles in that network such as major influencers or information disseminators.

The tools we used were Python, Java and the visualization libraries Gephi and GraphStream.

Here you can find the code we used for the presentation:

Video and Slides (in spanish):

Social Map

This was not a talk but a presentation I made in February 2011 about an Innovation Project.

The project was about an "Internet Converstion Tracker" that tried to follow how a concrete "conversation" evolved in the Internet (Blogs, News, ...etc). An example of a conversation could be the presentation of a new Apple device.

To achieve that, it performed a template-based scraping of Blog Engines such as Blogger, and News Sites like Google News. Then, according to a previously defined model of the conversation, it tried to extract parts of those Information sources that was relevant to the conversation.

Once extracted, It tried to analyze this pieces of information in a more fine-grained way, extracting concrete concepts (e.g a new "retina display") and applying Sentiment Analysis Techniques to extract opinions about those emerging concepts.

Here you can see the Prezi presentation I did then (in spanish):